We believe our facilities and equipment were graciously provided by God and are to be used by ministries, individuals, and groups in keeping with biblical principles, our mission statement, “For all to know Jesus Christ, experience His power, and be His image in the world,” and the True North Church Statement of Faith.

Priority of Use
Our facilities are to be used primarily for True North Church ministries, events and activities. We reserve the right to cancel second and third priority groups or meetings in the event of a funeral or other unforeseen event.

Second priority will be given to non-church activities and meetings hosted by our attendees such as: anniversaries, gift showers, graduations, receptions, weddings, card parties, etc.

Third priority will be given to outside and nonprofit groups are also welcome to use the building as long as all content, publications, speakers, and other forms of communication are fully compatible with biblical principals and TNC’s Statement of Faith.

Scheduling & Fees
We do not charge a fee for the use of our facilities, but we do ask for a $50 deposit at the time the event is approved to cover any additional cleaning or damage. If these are not needed, the deposit will be refunded.

A minimum fee of $50 will be charged if you require the use of any of our audio/visual equipment. Our AV equipment may only be run by a TNC technician. Fee to be determined by the amount of time you need our technician.

Rooms Available
Auditorium      Kitchen      Coffee Room     Nursery      Community Room
Note: Use of the Nursery requires appropriate adult supervision, and all toys will need to be sanitized following use.

Preschool Room      Elementary Rm      Youth Room
Note:  Upstairs rooms are accessible by stairs only.

You are responsible for your own set-up, clean-up, and to reset the room to its original layout.

Paper Products/Food/Drinks
Please supply your own paper products, napkins, plasticware, drink cups, etc. and your own beverages such as coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, etc.

Please clean and wipe down any equipment, counters, and tables that you use, vacuum, empty garbage (dumpster on NW side of building) and replace can liners. Cleaning supplies, vacuums, and large trash bags are in the janitor’s closets (between the restrooms) on both floors. Additional supplies are under the kitchen sink and small trash can liners are in the drawers next to the refrigerator.

Locking Up
You assume responsibility for the access, use, safety, and security of the building. All doors should be locked, lights turned off, and heating/cooling thermostats should be reset to their original settings when you leave the building.

You may pick up keys the week before your event by stopping by the office anytime 9-4, Mon-Thurs. Please leave your keys in the office window (just west of the entrance) before leaving. We may opt to meet & let you in instead of giving out keys.

Smoke & Alcohol Free
The facility and grounds are alcohol free. Smoking is allowed on the grounds but not inside the facility. Guests should be informed prior to their arrival.

Children should be under parental guidance at all times and should not be allowed on the stage or in the sound booth.


Facility Use Request

Facility Use Request

Day of the Week
What day(s) of the week is your event on?
If you are applying as an individual, please put your name here. If you are applying for a group, please put the group name here.
If you are applying for a group, please list the contact person, otherwise you may leave blank.
Please include street address, city, state, and zip code.
Don't forget to include AM/PM.
Don't forget to include AM/PM.
Is This a Recurring Event?
We allow an hour of set-up and clean-up time for each event. If you need more than an hour, please let us know here how much time you need AND specify if it's for set-up and/or clean-up.
Please let us know how many adults and how many children you are expecting.
Downstairs Rooms Requested
Upstairs Rooms Requested
Upstairs rooms are accessible by stairs only.
Will you need to use our sound, projection, or lighting equipment? ($50 minimum fee)
Only True North Church technicians may run the sound, projection, and lighting equipment in the auditorium and elementary room. There will be a fee if you need an AV technician.
Please sign your name here.